15 Common Electrical Problems at Home

Instead of waiting for problems in your electrical works to appear, you will be able to save more money with regular maintenance and inspection from a licensed electrician in Singapore.

Here are the common electrical problems that will need professional electrician services.

1. Dimming Lights – This can be caused by faulty installation or use of substandard materials. Sometimes, flickering lights are caused by faulty wiring or outlet. When moving into a new apartment in Singapore, make sure to inspect the switches and call a licensed electrician to recommend the correct actions.

2. Faulty Installation – Never take chances when you need repairs done at home. Call an electrician if you need a new appliance installed or if there are persistent problems in your electrical wiring. Faulty installation is a fire hazard and a violation of the building safety codes.

3. Improper Wire Terminations – If you have been relying on do-it-yourself manuals to address minor electrical issues, you probably need to consult a good electrician in Singapore if you’re not confident with the results. For safety reasons, the termination of the wires must be enclosed and nutted properly in a junction box to avoid electrical shocks.

4. Unsafe Wiring – It is not advisable to fiddle with your electrical wiring if you don’t know how to properly hide or bury them. Carelessness can cause accidents or start fires. If you need help with your electrical problems, don’t take chances by fixing it yourself. Call an experienced electrician.

5. Ungrounded Receptacles – If your apartment is more than 30 years old, you need to call an electrical services company in Singapore to perform an inspection to determine if the building follows the updated electrical codes. Outdated electrical works can cause fires and accidents especially in apartment units that do not use a three-wire grounded receptacle. It’s also not advisable to change the receptacles yourself because it has to be grounded properly by a licensed electrician or a 24 hours certified wireman based in Singapore. These professionals passed the electrical license test and can help you in times of emergency.

6. Missing Clamps – Fiddling with your electrical wiring can cause problems if you don’t know how to use a junction. This requires knowledge of the proper methods of protecting wires from abrasion and damage to avoid accidents. Call a good electrician in Singapore if you need new connections installed.

7. Too Many Extension Cords – It’s not advisable to use multiple power strips and extension cords if your apartment has very few electrical sockets. Consult an electrician services firm for a proper assessment and installation of additional receptacles. Extension wires are not only unpleasant to look at, but they could cause accidents.

8. Sparks and Blown Fuses – If you notice burning odors, you need to shut off the power source immediately. It is a sign that there is a serious problem in your electrical wiring. Sparks in your electrical outlets and switches should also not be ignored because these can cause fire.

9. Electrical Shocks – It usually happens whenever you plug in a device. This is harmless, but you should consult a reliable electrician in Singapore just to be safe.

10. Overlamping – This refers to the use of a bulb with a higher wattage than is recommended for a fixture. It seems like a minor problem because anyone can replace bulbs, but you should check the manual or consult an electrician before replacing old bulbs especially if you are renting an old apartment. Some circuits in older residential complexes were not designed to address the needs of some modern appliances and gadgets.

11. Overwired Panel – For this type of problem, you need to call a licensed electrician to perform an inspection. Overwiring a panel means that there are too many circuits than what is recommended for every slot in the panel. It is a safety violation code although it will not necessarily cause fires at home.

12. Tripping Breakers – Some appliances can trip circuit breakers, especially gadgets that consume a lot of energy. If it does work, then it’s good news because it’s protecting your home from possible fires. However, it also signals that your use of electricity is over the limit.

13. High Electrical Bill – Seen changes in your electrical bill lately? You should call the nearest electrician services company because your electrical wiring needs an inspection. The electrician will help you identify which appliances or gadgets are consuming a lot of energy, if there are damaged circuits or wires, or if you need to buy energy-efficient appliances to replace the old ones.

14. Circuit Overload – If your circuit breaker frequently trips, it is possible that you have frequent circuit overloading. Call an electrician if this happens so he/she can recommend the best solution to not having enough power for your electrical needs. If you use a lot of gadgets at home, you are also using a lot of power.

15. Light Switch Issues – If the light switches don’t work properly, call an electrician in Singapore to perform an inspection. Sometimes a simple replacement of the switches is all that is needed, but if you’re unsure about your skills, you should not attempt to fix it yourself.

When contacting a licensed electrician in Singapore, make sure to look for the following qualities and qualifications: license to perform the repair or maintenance, insurance in case an accident happens, recommendations from friends or neighbors, excellent communication skills, an affiliation with an electrician services company, exact quotation for the electrical services required, and experience with the same issues you need addressed.

Finally, the electrician should be able to provide you with a warranty in case his/her work needs a follow-up or if there are other problems that might come up later. You should always keep a number of your trusted electrician in case of emergency.