Breakdown of Types of Fabric Cleaning Methods

Commercial laundry services in Singapore offer not only machine-washing services for any type of clothing and linen, but they also include other services such as dry clean, steam-cleaning, ironing, and laundry delivery. Below is an overview of each method of cleaning for different types of fabrics.

Most delicate undergarments and expensive fabrics should be ideally hand-washed, but the laundry service shop receives tons of items daily, which makes the method impractical. However, the handwash-only instruction is not set in stone. Delicate items can still be machine-washed in the gentlest cycle with lukewarm or cold water in a few minutes. What really makes a difference is the type of detergents and other cleaning chemicals that are applied on the clothes. That is why the soiled items are separated based on their type of fabric, color, weight, amount of soiling, and purpose

This is why in any 24 hour laundry shop, you will notice that uniform laundry are separated from denim or clean towels. Soiled items from commercial establishments are also separated from items sent by individual customers. Items classified as laundry for spa are separated from furniture covers and beddings from hotels or tablecloths from restaurants for example. There is a quick wash setting in commercial washing machines for handwash-only clothes after the item is pre-treated for stains by the staff. Additionally, there is also a rinse and spin setting for clothes that only need to be rinsed without washing it in detergent.

The best laundry service will be able to answer any question about their cleaning methods and equipment. Most commercial washing machines are designed to handle any type of fabric, but the staff has to know how to use the proper settings. These settings depend on the fabric or material, color of the items, volume, soiling, and purpose. Aside from knowing how to give your clothes the best cleaning procedure, some shops in Singapore also offer a same day wash and iron for your convenience and express laundry needs anytime of the day.

Generally, the hotter the water temperature, the cleaner the clothes will become. That is why the best way to wash towel is to use hot water. However, some fabrics will shrink or get damaged when exposed to hot or warm water. On the durable white and colored clothes should be washed in warm water, while clothes labeled permanent press should only be cleaned using the cold wash and cold rinse settings. Delicate items such as underwear should only be washed using cold wash and cold rinse options. The heavy-duty setting is for very dirty clothes to scrub out the stains, while the rinse and spin option is used for workout and swimming clothes without having to use any detergent. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask the express laundry staff about their step-by-step process for machine-washing. Some laundry delivery services offer only the wash and fold option, which means you can opt not to press or iron clothes and treat them with other chemicals such as fabric softener.

Dry Clean
A dry cleaning machine looks like a regular industrial washing machine, but they use different methods to remove stains. Usually the dry cleaning price is similar to the regular commercial laundry services, too. The term dry cleaning does not mean your clothes should not be exposed to water, because in the machine it is still exposed to a liquid solvent, not water. This is ideal for your corporate attire and other fabrics, so avail a corporate discount for laundry wash in your local Singapore laundry shop now.

But why choose this option? Dry-clean only fabrics can get damaged when soaked in water, unlike the solvent which evaporates quickly and will not make the dye fade. The solvent attracts the oil and residue off the fabric and eliminates the need for spinning and agitating the clothes, which will cause even more damage. Before the items are placed in the dry cleaning machine, the staff will pre-spot the clothes to remove stubborn stains. Once the clothes are removed from the machine, they are completely dry and will be post-spotted if there are remaining stains. Depending on what is stated in the care label instructions, the same day dry cleaning services will also press or steam the clothes before delivery or pickup. This method is recommended for fabrics such as rayon, linen, wool, and silk. When you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask the staff for clarifications about their step-by-step process.

Steam Cleaning
This is the best option for disinfecting your clothes and other items with fabric. The service is usually recommended for furniture and drapery. Some fabrics absorb a lot of water and tend to dry very slowly, which is why steaming is the best option to remove stains and dirt without exposing the fabric to harsh chemicals. It dries faster and dissolves stubborn stains easily. The laundry service shop might offer this as an option for certain fabrics, mattresses, upholstery, carpets, and curtains.