Locksmith Marketing Ideas

According to Entrepreneur magazine there are about 30,000 locksmiths in the United States alone, and half of these locksmiths are self-employed and earns over $50,000 annually. Locksmiths offer a rather wide variety of services like cutting keys, repairing broken locks, installing and selling new lock systems and helping people get into their cars or homes when they’re locked out.

Given this wide variety of services that locksmiths offer, it’s no surprise it has become one of the booming businesses today. But staying in the locksmith industry takes more than just great skills and good customer service, it also takes one good marketing ploy for you to get potential clients to sustain your business. So if you’re wondering as to how you can efficiently advertise your locksmith business to your prospective clients, then here’s a good list of some of the effective ways to get your locksmith services onto the Singapore locksmith industry.

1. Online Directory
Marketing your business through online directories allows your customers to locate your company online when they’re searching for locksmiths. Join known locksmith Singapore online directories such as Locksmith Direct or Locksmith Index. These sites allows you to create business listings for your company for free. Apart from that, they also offer free business leads and inquiries as a part of their service, and allows you to upgrade your lists to a paid one to further expose your locksmith company to more potential clients.

2. Paid Search
Similar to online directories, paid search is another advertising strategy that allows your customers to find your business online. For instance, when a potential client searches the web using terms like “new lock” and “locksmith,” the online ad that you created will appear on top of “natural” search results. The best part of this marketing plan is that you’ll only pay for your ad when a customer clicks the link to your website, making it a highly targeted and effective advertising idea for any locksmith business in Singapore. The effectiveness of this marketing strategy will also increase if you register on one of the largest search engine providers like Bing, Google and Yahoo!

3. Referral Marketing
One of the most effective ways to spread the word about the Singapore lockmaster service that you’re offering is to get referrals from your family members, friends, and more importantly, your current and previous customers. Ask your contacts to help you spread the word about your locksmith business. Draft a letter or an email that best and clearly describes your service offerings, as well as the benefits that your customers will get, and ask your friends and satisfied clients to help you through passing the message to their own network of contacts. If you make it easy and simple for them, a good number of people definitely won’t mind helping out a small business owner in their local area in Singapore.

4. Direct Mail
Marketing through direct mail can be an effective strategy if you’re planning to sell your services to a specific group of customers. For example, if a common customer segment are elderly men who got usually locks out their keys in their cars, then you should create a customized list of people who perfectly fits this demographic segment with the aid of an experience direct mail vendor. Afterwards, send a brochure or a postcard detailing your locksmith Singapore services to this people. If you want, you could send a direct mail by simply creating a coupon or any other form of advertising and use direct mail providers to distribute your ad materials to the customers within your area.

Having the right level of skills, expertise, and knowledge in the field of locksmiths, paired with a perfect marketing strategy is what will make your locksmith business last long in the industry. So go ahead and choose the right advertising scheme that will bring your business plenty of customers.