Overview of the Districts in Ho Chi Minh City for Property Investors

Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, formerly known as Saigon, is the heart of a rapidly-developing region in Southeast Asia when it comes to local and foreign investments in business, entertainment, and tourism. It’s no wonder than that a lot of foreigners wish to invest in property in Vietnam or look for an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City because of the various opportunities the city has to offer.

Facts on Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, the city with two names, showcases the best of modern and traditional Vietnam. Prior to its renaming to its current name, it was known in the 17th century as Prey Nokor and was merged with the Gia Dinh Province. The name Saigon, or Sai Gon in Vietnamese, was the term used by the French who occupied the city in the 1860s, although it is still used today by the residents and is sometimes the name for district 1.

What makes it unique among the largest cities in Southeast Asia is that each of its 24 districts or phuon are unique, making it one of the most popular destinations among tourists.

Ho Chi Minh City Districts

There are a total of 24 districts or phuon, so if you’re looking into renting an apartment or letting out home at HCM City here in Vietnam make sure that you know which districts has a community for expats and which areas can best meet your needs. Of the 24 districts, 5 are considered suburban, while 19 are considered central districts.

• District 1. Some of the best apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City are found in district 1 or quan 1. Look for a condominium rental in district 1 if you need to get to the Tan Son Nhat International Airport or want to focus on trading and commerce. It is also home to various historical landmarks such as the Jade Emperor Pagoda and Reunification Palace.

• District 2. Look for an apartment for rent in district 2 if you want to enjoy modern Vietnamese culture, because quan 2 has a number recent housing and commercial developments in the area. Visit the Factory of Contemporary Arts Center or learn about history at the Buddhism Institute and Hue Nghiem Pagoda.

• District 3. Rent a house in district 3 if you like entertainment and shopping. Some of the highlights of the district include Saigon Square, Turtle Lake, and War Remnant Museum.

• District 4. You can still find several villa rental deals in quan 4 even if it’s the smallest district in Ho Chi Minh City.

• District 5. It is known for its Chinatown, making it an ideal place to look for an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City if you’re Chinese. Located in quan 5 are several stunning pagodas and temples.

• District 6. Quan 6 is also an ideal place to rent apartment in Saigon if you’re looking for a sizable Chinese community.

• District 7. If you want to find the best Saigon apartment rental deals, go to district 7. It is home to the most luxurious villa rental, condos, and apartments and even commercial districts. A large Korean community is also found in this part of Vietnam.

• District 8. This is an ideal place to rent apartment at HCMC if you want to get away from the busy streets of the other districts. It’s also known for its seafood markets.

• District 9. For those who want to rent apartment in Saigon but not in the busy district, quan 9 offers a respite from the busy commercial districts. There aren’t a lot of shopping areas, but you can enjoy some of the recreational parks.

• District 10. This is an ideal place to look for an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City if you want to enjoy traditional Vietnamese and street food. It’s home to a lot of local entrepreneurs, too.

• District 11. What makes this district famous among the locals is the Dam Sen Water Park. Rent a house here if you want to enjoy summer with your family.

• District 12. It’s the best place to look for a villa rental if you want to enjoy fishing, swimming, and other recreational activities with the family.

• Binh Tan District. If you hate the crowds in the central districts, live at vin homes suite in Ho Chi Minh central park in Vietnam, where you’ll find peaceful community that’s away from the busy centers.

• Bin Thanh District. Can’t get enough of the beautiful rivers in Ho Chi Minh City? Look no further than this district which is at the crossroads of multiple rivers. It also has the best deals to rent apartment in Saigon.

• Go Vap District. This district is still being developed but it has a lot of unique sites for tourists.

• Phu Nhuan District. A mix of the old and the new meet in Phu Nhuan district, ideal place to find a Saigon apartment rental if you want peace and quiet.

• Tan Binh District. One of the busiest districts in Ho Chi Minh City and is the location of the Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

• Tan Phu District. Are you a history buff? If you find houses to stay in D2 Vietnam quite modern, you’ll be rewarded with historical sites and more laidback residential community when you rent a house in this district.

• Thu Duc District. Enjoy the beauty of nature at Thu Duc district with its stork field, temples, and water parks.

• Binh Chanh District. If you want to enjoy a suburban lifestyle, look for the best Saigon apartment rental deals here and enjoy the beauty of nature.

• Can Gio District. If island living is your dream, look no further. Can Gio is the only island district that lets you appreciate local fauna and flora.

• Cu Chi District. If you want to enjoy the comforts of the city but still get a glimpse of Vietnamese countryside, this is the district for you.

• Hoc Mon District. Enjoy the beautiful scenery here with your family and visit the various local markets.

• Nha Be District. Located in the southern part of HCMC, the district is still being developed and is ideal for families looking for a peaceful neighborhood.